01. You need to be very [thorough] in checking for errors in your assignments; you don't want to lose marks for careless mistakes.
02. Make sure you wash your hands [thoroughly] after cleaning the bathrooms.
03. We did a [thorough] search of the house, but we couldn't find my car keys.
04. My grandmother is [thoroughly] disgusted by the amount of sex on television these days.
05. The police made a [thorough] search of the area, but were unable to find the escaped prisoner.
06. It will require the services of professional cleaners to [thoroughly] remove the stain from your carpet.
07. The government has promised a [thorough] investigation into the accident.
08. A group of volunteers [thoroughly] searched the area where the child disappeared, but without success.
09. Your grandmother was [thoroughly] disgusted by the nudity in the film you rented last night.
10. The officer made a [thorough] inspection of the barracks during his morning rounds of the army camp.
11. Nicolas Chamfort once remarked that the most [thoroughly] wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed.
12. We have been as [thorough] as possible in evaluating all the applications.
13. [Thorough], early assessment of a child with behavior problems is needed in order to determine the best possible course of therapy.
14. The meat must be [thoroughly] cooked in order to kill all bacteria.
15. Nothing leaves our factory until it has been [thoroughly] inspected by one of our quality control experts.

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